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Interviews & Panels

Jim Thompson Panel Discussion on Noir on the Radio

June 24, 2017

Listen in as authors Tony Knighton, Eryk Pruitt, Shawn A. Cosby, Warren Moore, Jame DiBiasio, and Greg Barth discuss the impact and influence of Thompson's work on today's crime fiction.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Interview with Author Tony Knighton

April 18, 2017

[Tony Knighton] stops by to talk writing and his books, including his upcoming novel, Three Hours Past Midnight.

Richard Stark Panel Discussion on Noir on the Radio

March 17, 2017

Noir on the Radio host Greg Barth presents a panel discussion on Richard Stark's Parker novels.

The New Panic Room Radio Show - Episode 30

February 3, 2017

Hosts James Longmore and Xtina Marie interview Tony Knighton & Gocni Schindler.

Crime fiction author Tony Knighton on Noir on the Radio

January 21, 2017

Interview on the podcast Noir on the Radio.

Tony Knighton Interview: “Most of my work is written from the point of view of the criminal”

January 17, 2017

Article on the website The Dorset Book Detective.

Local Firefighter Blazes a Trail with Alarming Novel

August 20, 2015

Article in the Chestnut Hill Local, written by Lou Mancinelli.

Jawnts: Stories of Crime From Experience

July 5, 2015

Review and interview by Jake Blumgart from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Short, Sharp Interview: Tony Knighton

June 8, 2015

A quick talk with Paul D. Brazill, author of A Case of Noir, Guns of Brixton, and The Neon Boneyard.

Roxborough Firefighter Pens Forthcoming Crime Fiction Collection

June 8, 2015

Interview with Bernanrd J. Scally from the Roxborough Review.

Features & Reviews

Literary Flits

Three Hours Past Midnight

"A breathtaking ride through the muggy streets of a Philadelphia night, Three Hours Past Midnight is an atmospheric and exciting thriller."

—Stephanie Jane, Literary Flits

Hardboiled Wonderland


"Jed has generously invited me to post an essay about a true crime. While I intend to document a specific event, I think more interesting is the effect it had on me."

—Tony Knighton

Stephanie Jane

"As Long As You Can," featured in Happy Hour

"Knighton has created interesting characters with a sense of real poignancy to [the main character's] background and there is a disconcerting sense of menace throughout."

—Stephanie Jane, Stephanie Jane

Literary Flits

Happy Hour

"Happy Hour is excellent. The chase through a snow-covered Philadelphia is vividly described, exciting and atmospheric, and I was never quite sure how the story would turn out. Knighton is good at unexpected conclusions."

—Stephanie Jane, Literary Flits

Shotgun Logic

Happy Hour

"Happy Hour all by itself makes this book an outstanding and worthy addition to the pulp universe. Add in all the other little shots to the heart and you have a collection of dark and brooding crime fiction befitting the shelf of any fan of dark fiction and pulp noir."

—Shane Keene, Shotgun Logic

Publishers Weekly

The Scavengers

"...In the best stories—which include...Tony Knighton's "The Scavengers," concerning an African ivory heist that goes bloodily bad—violent incidents help to bring the brutal lives of their characters into sharp focus and set up poetically just endings."

Publishers Weekly

Crime Factory

Happy Hour

“The novella Happy Hour is a lot like its main character: it doesn't pause for breath and it doesn't take a moment to think things over. It just keeps moving as fast as it can.”

Crime Factory

Ginger Nuts of Horror

Happy Hour

“In this collection, Tony Knighton spells out one of the many reasons why I loathe the City of Brotherly Love...It is crawling with people who want you dead. Violently and painfully dead.”

Ginger Nuts of Horror

The Horror Bookshelf

Happy Hour

“Here is a list of my favorite reads from 2015. I decided to go with a Top 10 for novels, a Top 5 for novellas and a Top 3 for Anthologies and Collections. Thanks for sticking with me this far and I hope you find some great new reads on this list!”

—Rich Duncan, The Horror Bookshelf

Shock Totem

“Sunrise,” in Equilibrium Overturned

“...The collection closes with a tale of sadness and loss simply titled “Sunrise.” In this tale by Tony Knighton, we follow a desperate father as he tries to save his ailing son in an unforgiving world. All in all, the stories in Equilibrium Overturned are solid and the thread of desperation and survival is present in almost all of them.”

—John Bodem, Shock Totem

The Horror Bookshelf

“Sunrise,” in Equilibrium Overturned

“...Equilibrium Overturned closes with “Sunrise” by Tony Knighton, a story about a father who must navigate through a dangerous city ravaged by an environmental disaster in order to save his son’s life. Despite its dystopian setting, “Sunrise” is a realistic story that captures the lengths people will go to in order to try to save the people they care about. This story really struck a chord with me, especially when I reached the story’s emotionally powerful ending.”

—Rich Duncan, The Horror Bookshelf